NCDOT Residue Real Estate
NCDOT Residue Real Estate  

    NCDOT Residue Real Estate

    File No.TAX IDParcelAssetAcresAddressCitySales method
    437231701243732890921.72McDonald Pkwy NEHickoryBroker
    5370007688154292059124.98East of 321Hickory$9,600 Offer.....Upset Bid Period ends 3/22/18
     370007685402  0.6   
     370007770672  2.3   
    63686132431489012059114.8E Maiden RdMaidenBroker
     8A 374008889426  7.91  $7,000 Offer....Upset Bid Period Ends 4/4/18 
    1137011433533149890860.07Off Bowman RoadHickoryBroker
    12370110269646902890870.20Off Brookfield BlvdHickoryBroker
    13370106299410903890880.091st ST DR SW HickoryBroker
    1437321304025310890890.261st ST W ConoverBroker
    15372216949236989090 north0.121st ST W Conover 
    16372216949136989090 south0.121st ST WConover 
    17372313145459902471191.781584 McDonald Pkwy NEHickoryBroker
    18372317009977278909116.01McDonald Pkwy NEHickoryBroker
    1937231701319233890933.16McDonald Pkwy NEHickoryBroker
    203723130277269052059080.7124th ST NEHickory$7,633 Offer...Upset Bid Period ends 3/27/18
         Sells with 29, 30  (sells with Files 29 & 30)
    213723050884539062059070.823rd ST PL NEHickoryBroker
    22368703232558822059061.75246 S NC Hwy 16 Newton$2,000 offer...Upset Bid Period Ends 3/28/2018
    233723051811649012059050.3823rd ST PL NEHickoryBroker
    24372317023109352059041.04McDonald Pkwy NEHickoryBroker
    25374211555013 051A890940.0500Off I 40ConoverBroker
     26 37421155501351 890951.53Hunsucker DR NE Conover$12,400 offer...Upset Bid Period ends 3/26/18 
    273723130269204089097 east0.0124th ST NEHickoryBroker
    28372313037058042A89099 east0.025024th ST NEHickory 
         Sell 27, 28 toghether  
    293723130269204089097 west0.2524th ST NEHickoryBroker
    30372313037058042A89099 west0.060024th ST NEHickory 
         20, 29, 30 together  

    Residue assets are properties that are acquired for highway improvements and when portions of the acquired lands are left over after road improvements the lands are called residue.

    NCDOT can accept, reject, or counter any and all bids or offers.

    NCDOT will leave all bids and offers open for upset bids for 10 days.

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